The Department is organized to ensure the safe, effective and efficient deployment of sufficient personnel, equipment, and other resources as necessary. The Fire Chief has organized the District in such a manner as to effectively establish a routine chain of command for daily operations.

Chief Officers

Mark Gregory, Fire Chief

Fire Chief Mark Gregory is responsible for the daily operations of the fire district, for developing and instituting a chain of command, and for developing a set of procedures within the adopted district policies, state laws and regulations.  

Chief Gregory and his wife Carrie have lived in the Bald Hills since December of 1999. He joined our district as a volunteer in 2000 and was appointed Fire Chief in 2007. Chief Gregory is extremely proud to serve the residents of the Bald Hills and neighboring jurisdictions throughout Thurston County.

“I strongly encourage you to actively volunteer in an emergency services organization wherever you are. You will build confidence in your abilities and in those with whom you serve.  I believe you will find great reward in the knowledge you gain and will develop courage through training and execution of that knowledge. You will be prepared to take positive action when needed most!”​​

Volunteer Officers

Mark Edwards, Lieutenant, Duty Section Leader

Lieutenant Mark Edwards moved to Clearwood in 2016,  joined the department in 2018, and was promoted to lieutenant in 2023. He has qualified as EMT, Firefighter II, Fire Officer II, and Fire Instructor I. He also works part-time as an EMT with a private ambulance company. (image is pending)

Donovan McCartney, Lieutenant, Duty Section Leader

Donovan McCartney, Lieutenant

Lieutenant Donovan McCartney joined the fire district in July of 2012 and was recognized as Volunteer of the 1st Quarter in 2015.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2015 and has qualified as an EMT, Firefighter 2, and Fire Service Instructor 1.

David Kleiss-Marvin, Lieutenant, Duty Section Leader

Lieutenant David Kleiss-Marvin joined the fire district in 2020 and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2023.  He has qualified as an EMT, Firefighter 2, and Fire Instructor 1.   David was born in the district and lived locally for most of his life.  David works for Thurston County Public works and enjoys serving the public.

Dale Bamford, Lieutenant

Dale Bamford, Lieutenant

Lieutenant Dale Bamford oversees our respiratory protection program and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). He joined our department in 2008.  His experience as a firefighter and EMT includes 5 years as a volunteer with Pierce County Fire District 8 (Edgewood) and 27 years with Pierce County Fire District 21 (Graham) where he held the rank of Volunteer Captain.  Lt. Bamford is also a member of the Pierce County Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington.​​​