Public Records Requests

Bald Hills Fire District is committed to providing the public full access to public records in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA), referenced in RCW Chapter 42.56 and the Model Rules of WAC 44-14. The intent of the law is to provide the public with full access to records concerning the conduct of government, mindful of individual privacy rights, and the desirability of the efficient administration of government.

The District does not have sufficient resources to staff regular office hours. Consistent with the requirements of the Public Records Act, the Record Retention Officer will generally be available to schedule times during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday excluding legal holidays. The availability of District staff during these hours may be limited by budgetary constraints, staff workloads, volume of public records requests and other factors related to the District’s primary purpose of providing its essential functions in the community. Scheduling inspection times in advance is strongly advised to help ensure staff availability.

Record requests should be made in writing to the District Records Retention Officer on a form (see Appendix A – Request for Public Record) provided by the District.

Completed request forms should be mailed PO Box 783, Yelm, WA 98597 or emailed to

Written letters and memoranda received by the District, addressed to a Board member or the Board as a body, will be copied to all Board members, and a copy kept according to the District’s Record Retention Schedule. The District is granted ongoing legal authority to disposition public records by the records retention schedule approved by the State Records Committee and should follow the same.

“The Fire District shall provide relative and truthful information to the media and public when privacy regulations and District policies permit in accordance with Washington State Public Records Act RCW 42.56 and WAC 44-14 Public Records Act – Model Rules.”
Policy 1.6.1 Public Records