Notice of Board of Fire Commissioners Regular and Special Meetings

The Board of Fire Commissioners is responsible for establishing key policy, setting levies, developing and adopting the annual budget, reviewing and approving contracts, and appointing a Fire Chief. The Board is responsible for representing the residents of Bald Hills Fire Protection District 17 in all matters pertaining to fire protection, emergency service, and disaster preparedness.

Regular meetings are held as established by Resolution, unless a quorum is not available. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or majority of the Board. Notice is given in writing at least 24-hours in advance to Board members, the Public, and any media that requests to receive notice.

The Board of Fire Commissioner hold meetings on the 2nd Thursday each month at 6:00 p.m. Meetings may be attended via Microsoft Teams, using this link: Regular Meetings or by calling 360-894-2517 for additional information.  

Regular and Special Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes are arranged by date from most to least recent. Documents in PDF format require an Adobe Reader to view.

2023.03.09 Regular Meeting Agenda

2023.02.09 Regular Meeting Agenda

2023.01.12 Regular Meeting Minutes

2023.01.12 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.12.08 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.12.08 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.11.15 Special Meeting Minutes

2022.11.15 Minutes Special Meeting SAO Audit

2022.11.15 Special Meeting Agenda

2022.11.10 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.11.10 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.10.20 Special Meeting Minutes

2022.10.20 Special Meeting Agenda

2022.10.13 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.10.13 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.09.08 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.09.08 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.08.11 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.08.11 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.07.14 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.07.14 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.06.09 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.06.09 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.05.12 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.05.12 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.04.14 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.04.14 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.03.24 Special Meeting Minutes

2022.03.24 Special Meeting Agenda

2022.03.24 Special Meeting Notice

2022.03.10 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.03.10 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.02.10 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.02.10 Regular Meeting Agenda

2022.01.13 Regular Meeting Minutes

2022.01.13 Regular Meeting Agenda